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Twin Menorahs Decorations 34.5"x60" Backlit Poster 2 Posters with Cover up Candle Stickers

SKU: WW01466

Now you can place a pair of the biggest, brightest Menorah in your windows and light one candle per night with this genius window poster. Included are 9 candle flame cover up tabs to stick on each flame the first night. Simply peel one away each night of Hanukkah. It’s fun for the whole family and deciding who gets to do each night will be the hardest part! Safe for ALL ages.

WOWindow Posters are backlit plastic window posters (34.5″x60″) that light up with inside lights for the surprise of passersby. Just hang them up in 30 seconds and leave your lights on. Our posters will do the rest! Our posters are the highest quality special effect available for thematic window decorating.