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Stained Glass Hummingbirds Seasonal Summer Decoration and Shade One 32.4"x54" Backlit Poster

SKU: WW01270

Our NEW seasonal Stained Glass series is a beautiful way to decorate your home during every season of the year. Let the sun illuminate these wonderfully colorful works of art. Easily change them out for each season to create a splash of color and a little privacy(winter and fall coming soon!).

At night our window posters illuminate with your regular interior lights and will have your neighbors wondering when you had new artisan windows installed! Our Stained Glass series is the perfect solution for folks who love to decorate their homes year round, and not just on the holidays. Let the sun in!

WOWindow Posters are backlit plastic window posters (32"x54") that light up with your interior lights and will amaze your friends and neighbors.

Just hang them up in 30 seconds and leave your lights on. Our posters will do the rest! Our posters are the highest quality special effect available for thematic window decorating.