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House Full of Angels to Demons Changing with Four 34.5"x60" Backlit Posters

SKU: WW01468

Our first posters that CHANGE at night! By day, these Angels keeps watch over your neighborhood...but at night their true nature is revealed. Creep out your neighbors with our NEW Twin Statues Window Posters. As dusk approaches and the sun sets you will see them change before your very eyes. Like all WOWindow Posters just leave your indoor lights on and our poster will do the rest!

WOWindow Posters are backlit plastic window posters (34.5″x60″) that light up with inside lights for the surprise of passersby. Just hang them up in 30 seconds and leave your lights on. Our posters will do the rest! Our posters are the highest quality special effect available for thematic window decorating.