Fill your house with Skulls!

Posted by Mr. Bopt on Jul 21st 2019

While you'll have to spend a bit more but filling every window with a theme poster and decorating with the same them across the lawn will shock your neighborhood. Here's the list of crazy themes I've produced for my home.

  • Candy Corn house including 100 mylar candy corn balloons staked to the ground.
  • The crypt house, my house with skulls filling every window. Then a total spread of bones, skeletons, and zombies across the front lawn.
  • House of zombies. I used Zombie Asylum design, and to add effect I reversed the posters, split them, etc. to make it look like more than the 5 zombies in the house.
  • House full of spiders. Like above, I cut, flipped, flopped, and mixed up the posters so it looked like many more spiders than just the two designs. Then I added netting down the roof and about 100 posable plush spiders of varying sizes across the lawn, over the casket, and up the side of the house.
  • House of the clown. Blacked out ALL the windows except for one, with Slammy the Clown staring out from the upstairs window. Hideous.